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1 on 1 Facetime & Skype Fitness Training

A popular trend in fitness today. It is a great option when you don't want to drive to the gym or pay more to have a trainer in your home. You may also want to train outside and get fresh air. Some of our clients have a gym membership and would like to work with a personal trainer without anyone watching.

No matter what your situation is our virtual training program will help improve your fitness and have you feeling great. You’ll  achieve your goals in no time. With the use of our face time, skype and our APP we have the ability to design, monitor and train you like we are in the room! And you don't have to be familiar with technology to do it!

Some people don't have time drive to the gym after work.
Some people don't want to belong to a gym.
Some people don't want to workout in front of others.
Some people don't have access to a fitness facility that is close by.
Some people like to take their workout outside.
Some people want more variety than what a specialty studio can provide.
Some people love the idea of a personal trainer but don't want to pay huge fees.
Some people want a trainer to come to them but don't want to clean their house.

There are busy moms who can't leave the house when they have sick kids.
There are busy executives who travel and have a hectic schedules.

If this sounds like you (or even if it doesn't but your are curious about how it works) give Ditch Your Gym a call.

We pride ourselves in creating a convenient, affordable and easy way to get in shape no matter where you are or what your situation is. The first session is free.

How Virtual Live Training Works

You pick the day, time and length of session and we show up LIVE!  You have a trainer in the room with you through facetime, facebook video, or skype. Clients train with us 1-5 x  per week or prefer to be set up on a program and train 1x per month. It is YOUR choice! 
Facetime or Skype training is a great way to have a trainer come to you in the privacy of your home, hotel or office.


Convenient, Affordable and Easy!
Our virtual fitness program saves drive time to the gym, allows workouts in the privacy of your home and if travelling your hotel. Whether you are too busy to go to the gym, travel a lot, like the privacy of training in your home or have a budget to consider, we have the solution. Choose from weekly or monthly coaching!


How Does Live Facetime or Skype Training Work?
All you need is a computer, Ipad or smart phone! After a free 30 minute consultation we design a custom program based on your current status and goals. We review any equipment you currently have and suggest anything you need. (you don't need a lot of equipment) We then set up your program AND GET STARTED!