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Client Experiences

Client Results

Lisa S

I'm a mom of 3 who could never go to the gym. I wanted to lose the baby weight! When I tried to have a trainer come to my home I would always have to cancel sessions because of cranky and sick kids. Training with Rochelle and her team virtually has changed my life. I have lost 20 lbs and feel so much better about myself. Some days when I need human interaction I have Rochelle come to the house. It is awesome! Thanks Ditch Your gym!


I work alot. I used to get up and work all day, then drive to my personal trainer for a workout on my way home. I would train for 1 hour (hoping that my gym clothes were in the car)  then get back in my car again to drive home. I switched to virtual training and it has literally saved my fitness life. I drive home, am able to train and finish my workout at a reasonable time. I can then walk 10 feet into my kitchen and make dinner with my family.

Casey T

Exercising Man

Michael C

I travel for work. During the evenings we are usually hosting business dinners and meetings. I do virtual training first thing in the morning with my trainer before I start my day. Sometimes we train in the hotel room and sometimes we train in the hotel gym. I feel great knowing my fitness program doesn't stop due to travel and when I come home my trainer comes to my house. I love the flexibility of Ditch Your Gym!

Sporty Woman

Krystn G

I don't typically  like gyms. I am too intimidated to go into the weight training area especially during peak hours. I don't know enough about what I am doing to feel safe because of my back injury,  I ask the front desk they refer me to trainers who want me to buy sessions. I felt frustrated every time I went there. Now with a Ditch the Gym trainer I can workout in the gym with them on my phone and earbuds in and I go to their studio. I feel more confident and sometimes workout with them when I am at home. Its very convenient.

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