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Meet Rochelle 

Certified Personal Trainer, ACE

Pilates Instructor

Hi there! I have been in the fitness industry for over 25 years. I am a personal trainer, mother, group fitness instructor and business owner . I genuinely love helping people get into better shape. 
The reason why I started Ditch Your Gym is because today people have busy lives. I want my clients to be able to train wherever it is easier for them. That may be at home, in my studio or by zoom. Doing something that is convenient makes it easier for you!

There is also a need for beginners to feel they can begin an exercise routine in a private environment. That is why I opened a small studio where I train 1 client at a time.

My Personal Training Certification

BCRPA-Strength Training Certification
BCRPA -Group Fitness Certification
PIYO Strength – Beach Body
Insanity – Beach Body
Jillian Michaels Bodyshred
Other Certifications and Education
Dr. Sears Institute - Certified Wellness Coach (LEAN and Primetime Health)
Stott Pilates – Mat, Pilates w /Resistaball, reformer experience
Yoga fit
Fitness Brigade – HIIT program

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