Why FaceTime and Zoom Fitness Training Works.

Our lives are hectic. Our lives are complicated. Our lives are full of to do lists, demanding jobs and family obligations. We travel for work, have kids to take care of and seem to put ourselves on the backburner when it comes to our health and fitness goals. Ditch Your Gym knows what it takes to help you make wellness a priority. With over 25 years in the fitness industry we have seen trends come and go. We believe that Virtual Live Training is finally the solution to long term fitness program adherence. We are trainers by nature and technology people by choice. Let us help you by keeping your accountable, motivated and healthy.

What is Virtual Training?

Don’t let a busy schedule and a pandemic ruin your health goals! No driving to the gym and wondering if it is busy, Standing next to sweaty people on the treadmill, cancelling classes because your kids are sick, cleaning your house to have a trainer come to your home. Another reason to Switch is you like group classes but don't want to pick a class based on the gym’s schedule and hope you like it or hope it fits into your schedule.

You also don't need to workout next to sweaty people anymore. Virtual live training is convenient, affordable, easy and personalized. With one on one fitness training and small group classes, it is the easiest way to get in shape!

You pick the day, time and length of session and we show up LIVE!  You have a trainer in the through facetime or zoom. Clients train with us 1-5 x  per week or prefer to check with us when convenient. It is YOUR choice!

Virtual training is a great way to have a trainer come to you in the privacy of your home, hotel or office.

Convenient, Affordable and Easy!

Our virtual fitness program saves drive time to the gym and allows workouts in the privacy of your home. Whether you are too busy to go to the gym, hate the idea of being around sweaty people, travel a lot, like the privacy of training in your home or have a budget to consider, we have the solution.

How Does Virtual Training Work? All you need is a computer, Ipad or smart phone! After a free 30 minute consultation we design a custom program based on your current status and goals. We review equipment you currently have and suggest anything you need. (you don't need a lot of equipment) We then set up your program AND GET STARTED!

Contact us to get your free session.

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